Downtown Boston for Ashleigh and John's Engagement Photography

We came to meet Ashleigh and John because unfortunately, another photog dropped the ball. Selfishly, I'm so happy they did.  Engagement photography is at it's best when you get to put a beautiful couple up against the Boston skyline, you can't help to have fun and make great images!  It also doesn't hurt at all when they are a blast to work with.  I think when we were finished I could have just sat all night laughing at a pub with them. 

Here are a few sneaks and not some, but a lot of words about their story, from the couple...

Boston Engagement Photography Ash-6.jpg

How did you two meet?

John and Ashleigh met in Boston, MA in April 2013 through a mutual friend, Alyson, who Ashleigh knew from college at James Madison University and John knew growing up in Sudbury, MA. Ashleigh was pursuing her Master's degree at Boston University at the time, and after a long week of exams was more than looking forward to the weekend.  Alyson invited her to a party at her friend's apartment and Ashleigh gladly accepted the chance to get out of school mode. Ashleigh ordered a cab and was on her way to meet Alyson when she received a call that Alyson was, in fact, running 45 minutes late. By this time, Ashleigh was already dropped off on the side of the road in front of the apartment where the party was located in Beacon the freezing cold and not knowing a single person upstairs. She stood outside, pacing to keep herself warm, half considering leaving altogether, when out of nowhere the front door of the building opened and she heard, "Ashleigh?". It was none other than Ashleigh's future fiance, John Hayes! Alyson had called John and tasked the poor guy with taking in the girl that no one knew and entertaining her until her friend arrived. Lucky for Ashleigh, he was more than happy to do so. They immediately clicked. They found themselves chatting and laughing the majority of the night with just each other. They found common ground in both attending college in Virginia, Boston sports, and their love for dogs. As the evening came to a close, Ashleigh hopped in a cab with Alyson to head home. Without Ashleigh knowing, Alyson took it upon herself to text John Ashleigh's number and suggested he take her out for pizza and beer (the way to my heart). We went out on our first date the following week and the rest is history!

Boston Engagement Photography Ash-2.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography Ash-1.jpg

Tell us the proposal story~

Ashleigh graduated as a Physician Assistant from MCPHS University in Boston on May 6th, 2017 and all her family from Virginia came to town to celebrate. Ashleigh was absolutely over the moon to have the ones she loved most around for the weekend, but little did she know how her graduation day would play out. Graduation took place at Gillette Stadium on the most rainy, dreary, cold day in months - of course! Ashleigh was so grateful that everyone, including John's wonderful parents, endured the terrible weather to watch her cross the stage that morning. Following the ceremony, everyone decided to grab a late lunch at Brewer's Fork, a restaurant around the corner from Ashleigh and John's condo in Charlestown, MA to dry off and grab a bite. The day had carried on with more rain, but as lunch wrapped up the sun finally started to peak through the clouds. John suggested that we head to our condo to freshen up, relax, then meet up with the rest of the group again for dinner in a few hours. Once they got back to the condo, John suggested they head up to the roof deck to enjoy some of the nice weather and he would bring up Ashleigh's graduation present. Ashleigh thought to herself, "Oooh maybe a new purse? New jacket? Watch?" as she stood with her back to the roof deck stairs, facing the Boston skyline with her hands covering her eyes in excitement. John whispered to "turn around" and Ashleigh found him on one knee with a gorgeous ring in hand. According to John, Ashleigh did not say "yes" for several minutes, sobbing and hugging him instead. She finally said yes, through more tears of happiness, and she spent the next hour staring at the ring in disbelief. To cap it off, neighbors across the street on their roof deck saw John proposing and recorded the entire thing! They spent the rest of the night sipping champagne, opening gifts, and celebrating with our wonderful family and friends!

Boston Engagement Photography Ash-8.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography Ash-11.jpg

What details are you most excited about for your wedding?

Location! Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard is our dream venue, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Charlottesville, VA - rolling hills, greenery, and stunning views. (Ashleigh is from Chesapeake, VA, hence why the wedding is being held in VA)

Where are you getting married?  A. Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard in Charlottesville, VA

Boston Engagement Photography Ash-10.jpg

What look were you going for in your engagement session?  Light, airy, romantic, natural, not too "staged", authentic, personal

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?   Have a beer or two beforehand! John and I wish we had done this in order to loosen up a little during the shoo

Boston Engagement Photography Ash-12.jpg

How was your overall session experience?

Awesome. Christian was professional but also relate-able. He could tell we were "nervous" and stiff at first, and gave us tips along the way. He was conversational and friendly, and even let us stop for a quick beer during our session to get the nerves out.

Boston Engagement Photography with Stephanie and Justin

It's always great to get out and shoot engagement images with couple in their neighborhoods.  Although Stephanie and Justin don't still live in Fort Point, it's still very special.  It made it so easy to create with them as well as get some fun shots by their favorite places.  Including a frequent haunt of Justin's, Sportello. 

Here are a few sneaks as well their story...

Boston Engagement Photography SU-3.jpg

Tell us the proposal story~

We were vacationing in Maui and after enjoying our day trip on the Road to Hana, we ended up at the top of Mount Haleakala for the's a dormant volcano and the views over the clouds are surreal. As the sun was setting, Justin proposed - it was a great ending to a great day!

Boston Engagement Photography SU-2.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography SU-7.jpg

What details are you most excited about for your wedding? EX. cake, vendors, location, etc.

We're most excited about being with our family and friends for the long weekend. Oh, and the late night pizza and wings station at the Reception.

Where are you getting married?  Buffalo, NY

Where is the reception?  Hotel @ the Lafayette

Boston Engagement Photography SU-8.jpg

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?

Strangers are so nice when you're getting engagement photos done! Typically people in Boston won't even look at you, but for some reason everyone was SO friendly. We also recommend Christian because he's fun, extremely personable, and you'll definitely laugh when he's on the ground or in the middle of the street getting his best shots. Enjoy!

Boston Engagement Photography SU-16.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography SU-12.jpg

How was your overall session experience?  We had so much fun. Thank you to you and Melissa and hope you had the best time at the Red Sox game :)

Engagement Photography in the Back Bay with Dan and Megan

Usually when we book clients for their weddings we meet at least once.  With Dan and Megan I didn't get to meet them until they came to Boston for a short trip and our engagement shoot.  We had a blast, starting with a quick beer in the Back Bay and then out to the streets to shoot.  Here are a few sneaks from the shoot as well as their story. 

Boston Engagement Photography DM-1.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography DM-2.jpg

How did you two meet?  On the internet. That's not weird anymore, right?

Boston Engagement Photography DM-3.jpg

Tell us the proposal story~

While walking out the door en route to a Saturday night dinner, Dan asked Megan to wait while he grabbed something to show her before they left -- a valet ticket from their first date that he had (supposedly) just found. Megan stared at the ticket, amazed that he'd kept it for almost three years, when Dan pulled a ring out of his pocket and asked her to marry him. Megan can't remember much else, other than saying yes.

Boston Engagement Photography DM-6.jpg

What details are you most excited about for your wedding?

We're excited about the venue, which is Dan's alma mater. We're excited about all our vendors (especially Christian and Melissa). And we're excited to dance the night away with all of our favorite people. Oh, and we're pretty psyched to marry each other, too.

Where are you getting married?  The Roxbury Latin School (West Roxbury, MA)

Boston Engagement Photography DM-5.jpg

What look were you going for in your engagement session?  We wanted a look that captured both the urbane aesthetic of Boston and our casual, jovial dynamic.

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?  Be yourselves, don't think too much, and have fun with it!

How was your overall session experience?

We truly enjoyed spending time with Christian before (and during) the session; he made us feel comfortable, which made the experience that much more fun. Not only did he come prepared with a vision for the shoot that mirrored our own, he guided us from start to finish while executing that vision.

Lara and Charles' sunrise engagement in the South End

It was a blast, last week walking around the South End with Lara and Charles.  We started just after sunrise and some coffee to make some engagement images.  I love this neighborhood and the cool little areas to shoot in.  It's even better with a couple so in love.  Even if they are somewhat tired.  Here are a few sneak peeks as well as some words from the couple.   

Boston Engagement Photography L&C-2.jpg

How did you two meet?

We met on line and then saw each other in person for the first time at a local wine bar. The mood was fun and relaxed, and I could tell that he was a special person I wanted to get to know.

Boston Engagement Photography L&C-3.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography L&C-4.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography L&C-5.jpg

Tell us the proposal story~

We drove out one Saturday to our favorite spot on Plum Island. We climbed to the top of one of the bird watch towers. Right as the sun was setting, I turned around to face Charles and he asked me to marry him.

What details are you most excited about for your wedding? EX. cake, vendors, location, etc.

Charles and I are not from the Boston area, so the most exciting part of our wedding for me will be to introduce all of my family and friends to Charles and to celebrate with everyone together.

Boston Engagement Photography -1.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography L&C-6.jpg

What look were you going for in your engagement session?

We wanted a natural look right in the setting of the South End, our new home together.

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?

Our suggestion is to let loose and have fun with it!

Boston Engagement Photography L&C-7.jpg

Engagement in the Park with Vanessa and Alex

It's incredible to witness the love and compassion shared between couples getting ready to get married.  Vanessa and Alex were no exception.  From the first shot they were not only comfortable and flirting with each other but for most of the day, I couldn't have paid them to stop smiling.  As crazy as it sounds we don't always get such warm and fun feelings in front of my lens.  It was a pleasure to make some great images for their engagement session.

Here is a little sneak peek along with some words from Vanessa and Alex about their story. 

Boston Engagement Photography-1.jpg

Tell us the proposal story~

When we first starting dating we binge watched Rocky Balboa. In the movie I told Alex how much I loved the scene when Rocky proposes to his wife. So fast forward four years we were at home one night and Alex ask me for a favor and when I walked over to him he started to recite the same lines from the movie and got down on one knee.

Boston Engagement Photography-3.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography-8.jpg

What details are you most excited about for your wedding?

We are excited for the venue and the reception. We can't wait to dance the night away with our amazing DJ. Also we are dying to see our photos of the entire day.

Boston Engagement Photography-6.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography-13.jpg

Where are you getting married?  Gloucester

Where is the reception?  Cruiseport

What look were you going for in your engagement session?

Summer greenery with city background. Casual look being ourselves and also some formal pictures for clean dressy look.

Boston Engagement Photography-19.jpg
Boston Engagement Photography-22.jpg

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?

Be natural and laugh a lot. Enjoy each other and remember what you are there for, Marrying the person that you love and that you found the person to spend the rest of you life with.

Boston Engagement Photography-23.jpg

How was your overall session experience?

It was fantastic!!!!! It was a pleasure to work with Christian. He made us feel comfortable and ourselves. His eye for his work is amazing and we trusted his advice.

Jennifer & Shaun's Perfect Garden Wedding

This wedding was beyond perfect. Although there were threats of rain all day, and we did get a little sprinkle here and there, it couldn't have ruined the day. In fact, it made some amazing clouds (yep those are real) and we were able to get some adorable shots of Jen and Shaun with their umbrellas!  Scroll through to watch a sneak peek as well as read all about their day!


Generally we don't like to recommend either way on having a first look on your wedding day, unless of course lighting can be an issue.  We really try to keep this up to each couple and how they envision their wedding day, for some that can mean a traditional wedding with no peeking and for others, they would prefer to attend cocktail hour and get through pictures ahead of time.  For Jennifer and Shaun they definitely were in the opinion of the latter. 

And we have to say, selfishly that their decision definitely worked in our favor!!!  Not only were we able to take our time, but we actually got to take advantage of several vignettes of gorgeous property that the Tower Hill Botanic Garden had to offer!  This may be the most creative shots we have had the pleasure of getting on a wedding day!  And as you can see from the shots, we were with an amazing couple that were enjoying their wedding day bliss!  The expressions and emotions we were able to document were pure photographer's gold!


Not only had they decided to do a first look, but during the first look they chose to exchange books with their vows written in them, for the other to read.  It was so beautiful, we were getting choked up just witnessing it!  We were so lucky that weeks prior to the wedding, we were able to accompany Jennifer and Shaun, not only to their venue visit, but also down to the dam where the first look took place.  So on the day, we all knew exactly where we wanted it all to take place!


Almost immediately after we finished at the dam, those incredible clouds began to open up and sprinkle.  Luckily, not too much that we had to run for shelter though.  In fact we even had the chance to grab a few last shots at the top of the dam before heading off to the venue for more pics!


If you haven't had the chance to visit the Tower Hill Botanic Garden, I recommend it!  Not only is it a gorgeous place to spend a relaxing afternoon strolling through the gardens, it also has a super yummy restaurant as well!  And one of the must have spots for the couple was an installation called the Wild Rumpus outside of the gardens.  It was an amazing stickwork sculpture by internationally acclaimed artist Patrick Dougherty and his team of volunteers.


After finishing up with creatives it was off for the ceremony!  With the groom's brother as the officiant, it was extra special and so personal!


The timing was perfect, after exchanging their vows and sharing their first kiss as a married couple, we were able to shoot wedding party and family formals in the lower garden.  As we turned to walk back the rain started!  Luckily, it started out slowly so we were able to make it inside without getting soaked!


We were even able to run outside later for a gorgeous sunset during the reception and a picture perfect Happily Ever After!  Congrats to you both! 


Hair Stylist: Rebecca Bater – The Beauty Parlour at 505 Boston Post Road West, Marlborough, MA 01752 Phone: 978-430-3584; Email:

Makeup Artist: Christy Lavallee – Makeup Artistry by Christy & Co. 58 Main Street Sturbridge, MA 01566; Web:; FB:

Dress: David’s Bridal Natick; Web:; FB:

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal Natick; Web:; FB:

Tuxes/Suits: Men’s Wearhouse – Solomon Pond Mall 601 Donald Lynch Blvd, Marlborough, MA 01752; Web:

Shoes: Macy’s – Natick Mall 1245 Worcester St, Natick, MA 01760; Web:

Flowers: Bouquets - DIY w/great grandmother’s costume jewelry by mother of the bride

Coordinators: Brittni Menard

Entertainment: Bear Fight; Web:; FB:

Transportation: AA Transportation Shrewsbury, MA; Web:; FB:

Food: Tastings Caterers – 5 Crestwood Dr. Framingham, MA 01701; Web:; FB:

Alcohol: Tower Hill Botanic Garden 11 French Drive Boylston, MA 01505; Web:; FB:

Lodging: Beechwood Hotel 363 Plantation St. Worcester, MA 01605; Web:; FB:

Cake: Tastings Caterers – 5 Crestwood Dr. Framingham, MA 01701; Web:; FB:

Décor: DIY by bride & mother of the bride

Tables/Linens: Be Our Guest Party Rental 24 Blue Hill Ave. Roxbury, MA 02119; Web:; FB:

Invitations: DIY by bride

Christine and Jimmy's Classic Misselwood Wedding

Christine and Jimmy were looking for a classic, timeless wedding and I don't think they could've executed their day more perfectly!  The setting was gorgeous, not to mention the beautiful bride and groom!  I love the classic tux and Christine's glamorous, classic bateau neckline, chiffon gown.  Here is a little sneak peek of their dream wedding!


If you don't remember this amazing couple, check out their fun engagement session from last fall, here


I know you are all dying to find out all of the awesome vendors that made this wedding so brilliant, you know, besides us!  :)  Check below to see the full list!


Salon: Mirror Mirror by Monica- Newburyport, MA

Dress: Jenny Yoo

Bridesmaid Dresses:  Bill Levkoff

Tuxes:  The Black Tux

Shoes:  Jimmy Choo

Flowers:  Les Fleurs

Lighting:  SociaLight


Entertainment:  Ripcord

Transportation:  WebbTrans

Food:  Fireside Catering

Lodging:  Salem Waterfront Hotel

Invitations:  Rob Charlton, Goosefish Press



Tara & Naren's Summer South Asian Western Fusion Wedding

We love shooting weddings, but we have to admit throwing in a wedding that is different of unique to spice things up is always fun for us to shoot!  Melding two cultures and ceremonies will definitely achieve just that!  Tara and Naren chose the Tirrell Room to celebrate their love, starting off with Naren on a white horse for his baarat, and then going into a traditional Hindu ceremony.  Tara changed it up though, bringing her influence with the traditional white dress mixed with jewelry from India.  She looked flawless!!!  The followed up the first ceremony with Tara's brother doing traditional Western vows and the kiss to seal the deal!

Let's start from the beginning of this love story though...

"We first met just after Naren moved back to Tucson to start residency. We met during his rotation at the hospital I worked at.

We got engaged in Tucson the day after Christmas. We had gone to the same neighborhood Christmas light display together every year since we met and he proposed while my family was in town for Christmas with us. Unbeknownst to me, he arranged for his local family and friends to be there and celebrate with us too. .

Since then we have moved cross country to Ohio, planned the wedding in Massachusetts, started new jobs, and are most looking forward to traveling and continuing life together."

We normally get to meet our couples on several occasions before the big day, between engagement sessions, timeline meetings and going through planning details, but with Tara and Naren living cross country we only were able to communicate through email, phone and one squeezed in meeting with Tara while she was in town.  We have to admit it is always a little nerve-wracking sharing such an intimate day when you haven't had that time to build a relationship, but this was definitely not the case with Tara and Naren.  Somehow we felt as if we had known them forever!  They are the sweetest couple!  And after meeting their friends and family we understand how they became that way, they were all so amazing!

With the help of the incredible staff at the Tirrell Room, we were able to show the above slideshow during dinner on their wedding day!  We hope you enjoy, make sure to check out their full list of vendors below!

Photography- Christian Pleva Images
Florist- Bride's sister in law's mother Kathy Jacobs
Wedding Location- The Tirrell Room

Mandap- Prasang Decororators
DJ- Sakshi with Silk Events
Dress Salon- Alfred Angelo dress bought at and altered by Michael's of Boston in Pembroke
Cake- Bride's sister in law Emily Reilly

Hair and make-up- Solangh with Charlotte Phinney Group


Rachel and Dario's Elegant Willowdale Wedding

This wedding was definitely one we needed to blog!!!  They thought of everything! The amount of handmade details that the couple incorporated required some additional credit and applause!!!  We just couldn't let all of that hard work go unnoticed after just the day of!!!

Rachel and Dario don't live in Boston now, but they are both from the area originally, finally meeting at Harvard while attending there.  I don't think I can give the story justice retelling it, especially after hearing it during their ceremony.  This couple was truly meant to be.  The attention they give each other, knowing the other so well and anticipating their next move throughout the day was an incredible thing to witness.  We are including a sneak peek below so you can witness the magic yourself!  Make sure you scroll down to see the incredible list of vendors that helped the couple and their families truly make a fairytale wedding!

Salon: The Makeup Artists, Wakefield, MA, Artists-111441773398/

Dress: Dress by Robert Bullock, Bullock-Bride- 584274081683429/, Designer Loft in New York, New York,

Bridesmaid Dresses: Dress by Bari Jay, The Ultimate, Peabody, MA,

Tuxes/Suits: bought at Brooks Brothers, Somerville, MA

Shoes: Shoe’s by Badgley Mischka,                  Macy’s

Jewelry: Earrings by Ti Adoro,                                        Kleinfeld’s in New York, NY,

Flowers: Les Fleurs, Andover, MA

Lighting: Ryan Designs, Narraganansett, RI

Coordintors: Amy Sleeper, Willowdale Estate, Topsfield, MA

Entertainment: Entertainment Concepts, DJ Greg Gates, Georgetown, MA

Transportation: McGinn Bus Company, Lynn, MA Company-Inc- 201848159832596/

Food: Willowdale Estate, Topsfield, MA Grandmother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom will be making some desserts

Alcohol: Willowdale Estate, Topsfield, MA

Lodging: Double Tree Inn, Danvers MA,

Cake: Jenny’s Wedding Cakes, Amesbury, MA ,, Flowers on cake from Les Fleurs

Décor: Bride and Mother of the Bride, Flowers from Les Fleur Tables/Linens: Willowdale Estate, Topsfield, MA,

Napkins: online at

Invitations/Menu: thermographied stationary from The American Wedding (online),                                                                        hand finished by Mother of the Bride using,,

Escort Cards: put together by Mother of the Bride, wax seals -, envelopes-

Calligrapher- Chez La Mariée, by Natalie O’Dell, Lexington, Virginia,

Favors- Knudsen’s Caramels, Red Wing, Minnesota,

Custom Hangers- Hangers By Design, by Carol Gelman


Ahmed and Zahra had a beautiful Multi Day South Asian Wedding

Ahmed and Zahra had a beautiful two day South Asian wedding, starting with a Mendhi on the first day and gorgeous waterfront ceremony and reception on day two!  We have been waiting for this wedding for a long time, shooting headshots and two engagement sessions in the mean time!  Getting to know them in the process, we couldn't wait to both witness and document their celebration of love and bringing both families together!  Here is the day of slideshow that we shared on the day at Danversport Yacht Club!  Make sure you scroll down to see the list of amazing vendors that made this amazing celebration possible!

Salon: Salma Chaudhary - Hair
Dress: Misha Lakhani – Pakistani Designer
Bridesmaid Dresses: Saris from Pakistan
Tuxes/Suits: Men’s Wearhouse
Jewelry: Zahra’s Family Jewelry
Lighting: Boston Light and Sound Company
Photo booth: Gifyyy from Christian Pleva Images
Transportation: Family cars
Food: Friday – Punjabi Grill; Saturday - Danversport
Cake: Ambreen Anaswala
Décor: Dhol Baja Bharaat - Shazia
Tables/Linens: Danversport
Invitations: India -


Boston's North End with Sunny and Aman

A little while back I had a call with Sunny about some Engagement photography he would like to do in Boston.  Sunny lives in Chicago and his beautiful girlfriend, Aman currently lives here in Boston.  He was planning a visit and wanted to propose, and plan a shoot for them in the city they sometimes share.  Well, last weekend we had the opportunity to meet and walk the North End making fantastic pictures for this amazing couple.  I guess she said yes!!! 

Here are a few images and some words about their story from Sunny and Aman. 

Tell us the proposal story

I wanted to create a unique and memorable experience for Aman. Knowing that she would be in Boston for several months on a work project, I wanted to surprise her while visiting her on a random weekend. Knowing that July 7, 2017 (7.7.17) would never again show up in our lifetimes, I figured I'd lock in that date for the actual proposal. I found a gondola service that ferried travelers along the banks of the Charles River and knew this would be the perfect venue and activity from which to ask the big question. She had been to Italy on a study abroad program previously and had fell in love with the country, particularly with Venice. The gondolas used for the proposal were actually transported from Italy themselves and gave an authentic feel to the experience. However, I worried about the weather on that particular Friday. It had been raining all day and I was thinking that I may have to hold off on the proposal for a clearer evening. Fortunately, the rain had subsided about an hour or so before the 7pm start time and I was able to propose. Sometimes, the universe has a way of letting things happen.

Where are you getting married?  Looking to get married on March 31st, 2018 or a date close to it

Where is the reception?  Chicago

What look were you going for in your engagement session?

We wanted to showcase an elegant look for the photo shoot. Less glitter and glitz. More class and refinement. A look that would cross generations.

What details are you most excited about for your wedding?


I believe we're most excited about celebrating this occasion with our close family and friends. We're both social creatures at heart and just naturally enjoy being around those we cherish and value. This wedding is more about those who have played an integral part in our lives reaching up to this moment, more than it is about any ancillary facet.

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?

Give yourself a day or two in between the proposal and photo shoot. The extra time will give both parties a chance to reassess what they want to wear, what style they want to pursue, and to get that potential haircut, styling and nails done just in time.

How was your overall session experience?

Fantastic. Christian was laid back, inviting, and engaging the whole time. The weather was just wonderful. And the Sunday vibe/scene in and around North End was the perfect setting for the session. We couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Ian's First Birthday Arboretum Shoot!

We interrupt this wedding season to soak up a little cuteness from Ian's first birthday shoot!  We already knew his parents, Janet and Huy from shooting their engagement and wedding but this was our first meeting with Ian.  He was so adorable and so patient as we kept shooting lights at him!!!!  Here is a little more about what the Ngo family was looking for in their session...

What kind of look were you going for in your photos?

We were aiming for a countryside look.

Have we done a session together before? If so, why did you decide to book another?

Yes, we had our engagement and wedding pictures taken by Christian & Melissa! We love their style and photos, their creative shots are amazing and they're a great couple to work with.

Why did you decide on the outfits you chose?

You can't go wrong with a bow tie and some suspenders :), plus the baby driving cap was so adorable!

Why did you choose the particular props you brought? The crate box added to the countryside look I was aiming for. We also used wooden letters to spell out O-N-E for his 1st year photos. What advice do you have for parents planning outfits for a future family session? What about props? Find outfits that will match your theme. You can color match outfits as well, such as all white clothing. Bring extra outfits just in case.

Why did you choose the particular props you brought?

The crate box added to the countryside look I was aiming for. We also used wooden letters to spell out O-N-E for his 1st year photos.

What advice do you have for parents planning outfits for a future family session? What about

Find outfits that will match your theme. You can color match outfits as well, such as all white clothing. Bring extra outfits just in case.

Any tips on what to bring to a shoot? Bring snacks and toys to distract your little one! Anything that can grab their attention when they start being fussy.

Any tips on what to bring to a shoot?

Bring snacks and toys to distract your little one! Anything that can grab their attention when they start being fussy.

I think we finally had bothered him enough at this point and he was ready for the comfort of mom and dad!  Am I a terrible person that I still think he is so cute even while he's crying?  We had a great time and can't wait for your next session with you guys!

Engagement photography in Newport with Kim and Dan

Here's another swoon worthy session with Kim and Dan!  It's so funny living in Boston, you tend to take for granted all of the amazing places we have a day trip away!  I have to say, besides shooting a few weddings in the gorgeous Newport area, I haven't spent any time there for fun!  So when Kim and Dan wanted to shoot their engagement session there we were psyched!  We essentially had a personal tour guide in Dan, who had attended college at Salve Regina University and had organized us to shoot inside the incredible mansion!  But before we started to pretend to be one of the rich and famous, we had to capture some shots at by the water!  And I'm sure you want to hear about this gorgeous couple.....

Newport Engagement Photography
Newport Engagement Photography

How did you two meet?

A. We were coworkers for years and there was an offsite work related meeting that Dan "volunteered" to attend with me. After that, he asked me to hang out and I thought that he was just being nice. I finally got the picture and we've been together ever since.

Tell us the proposal story~

A. Newport, Rhode Island was the destination of our first day trip together, and it's a place we head back to every summer. Around Christmas time, Dan suggested that we visit Newport to check out the mansions since they decorate them so nicely for the Christmas season, so we took a day off from work and headed down. Little did I know that his parents had picked up my parents, and they were headed to Newport as well. He proposed in the Ochre Court mansion overlooking the ocean, with both of our parents watching from the balcony. It was very special to have both of our families there to witness this exciting moment.

Newport Engagement Photography

What details are you most excited about for your wedding? EX. cake, vendors, location, etc.

A. We are most excited about just being married to one another and having our family, and closest friends with us to celebrate it. It's as simple as that. The only thing that I can't wait to see is the look on Dan's face the first time he sees me walking down the aisle.

Where are you getting married?

A. St. Elizabeth's Church, Ludlow, MA

Where is the reception?

A. The Starting Gate at GreatHorse, Hampden, MA

What look were you going for in your engagement session?

A. We were really going for a classy, elegant look that captured the love that we have for each other.

Do you have any tips or advice for couples getting ready for their session?

A. Have fun with it and enjoy every moment! Don't forget to smile and laugh…which is pretty easy with Christian rolling around on the ground in front of you just to capture the perfect moment!

How was your overall session experience?

A. Christian and Melissa are awesome to work with! We really enjoyed chatting beforehand and getting to know more about them, which made the session itself very relaxed and enjoyable!

Arifa and Ashish's Beacon Hill Engagement Shoot-Boston Photography

We love new ideas for engagement shoots!  Many of our couples love the iconic Boston look of Beacon Hill and want to shoot there, so it's always a challenge for us to make each session unique to the couple.  Coming up with new poses, angles and ways to shoot can be difficult but Arifa and Ashish took some of that pressure off by having an idea of their own. 

Leading up to their session, we received an email about smoke bombs!!!!  Knowing how finicky Boston can be, we weren't sure if we could make it work without getting yelled at, but we were up for trying!  Christian was able to get this shot in an alley, the red smoke bomb picked up the coloring in Arifa's dress, brick and the trees perfectly!  I loved it! 

Enough about the shoot, I'm sure you want to hear more about our couple and their love story!

Arifa and Ashish started their love story after they met in dental school.  They are getting married this August in Edison, NJ.  However their proposal was a little different than your typical proposal story,  "Well, there was no official proposal. He approached my parents and when our folks agreed we decided to get married .... A very Indian tradition where we wait for our parents' approval.".

They wanted a dressier look for their session which I think they pulled off perfectly!  When we asked what advice they would give to other couples, here is what they had to say, "I am highly uncomfortable in front of a camera but keep calm and go with the flow.". 

Good advice!  We are there to help you along and try to make you forget we are there.  I know that sounds crazy and impossible, but just enjoy the time dedicated to each other and taking a break from the stresses of wedding planning!  And here is a little secret...there are very few people that feel comfortable in front of the camera, so you aren't alone!  Christian had a great time getting to know you both and shooting with you, enjoy the sneak peek!

Boston Barn Wedding- Mark and Melissa's Smith Barn Reception

I hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July!  I know this couple did, still riding the high of their incredible "Sunday kind of love" wedding!  They are the sweetest, most fun loving couple, but they also have the cutest little boy, Aloysius.  Not only is he super cute but has a ton of personality!  I mean, how many times have you seen a dance circle happen at a wedding surrounding a one year old!?!?!  Yep, it happened!!!

I have to say, I have been looking forward to this wedding for awhile, every conversation, email and meeting has been so fun and I knew their wedding would be the same!  Watching the emotions, throughout the day was so touching!  They were already a family, but watching them say their vows and solidify their bond even more was breathtaking.  They are perfect together! 

We started the day shooting getting ready shots along with gifts and cards to each other, as we always do.  We tend to see very similar gifts, but Melissa shocked us with one of the most creative ones yet!  A personalized comic book to Mark about their journey together and ending at the alter! 

It was time to head to the church which also had extra meaning, it's where their son was baptized!  We were able to grab a few shots outside of the church before heading to the Smith Barn for creatives, wedding party shots and the reception!  It was a perfect day, the heat was even somewhat manageable.  Thank you Mark and Melissa for trusting us to document your day! 

Make sure you watch the same day slideshow from the day and scroll down to see all of the other rockstar vendors we worked with on the day!

Florist- EcoFlower (

Ceremony Location- St Pius V Parish (

Reception Location- Smith Barn (Peabody Historical Society

Catering- Creative Catering (

DJ- Ken Holbrook (North Shore Entertainment -

Dress Designer- Pnina Tornai (

Dress Salon- Kleinfelds NY (

Engagement photography in the Back Bay of Boston

Meet our next adorable couple....Abi and Luke!  We are so blessed with the cutest couples, aren't we? 

Abi and Luke have always enjoyed strolling around the Public Gardens and watching the ducks and swans around the park. "We were looking to show our love in a classic and timeless way, while also including the city of Boston. Our relationship has centered around Boston in many ways over the past nearly 6 years we have been dating, and although our wedding isn't taking place in Boston we thought it was important to acknowledge the role the city has had in our relationship by having our photos in a classic Bostonian location."

Back Bay engagement photogrophy
love in boston
Boston Wasington Monument engagement

How did this love story begin? 

"We met at a medical school social event at Lir, a cozy pub and restaurant on Bolyston Street. It was August 9th 2011, our second day of medical school and Abi's birthday. Luke noticed Abi there with her friends and quickly offered to buy her a celebratory birthday drink. Sparks started to fly on that night and we went on our first date 1 month later on September 10th. We have been dating ever since."

Tell us the good stuff, how did he propose?

"Luke proposed to Abi on August 16th 2016 on a beautiful moonlit night. Luke insisted he wanted it to be a surprise, though Abi knew it was coming -- she'd accidentally seen a picture on his cell phone just days before but she didn't say anything because she didn't want to spoil the surprise and postpone the proposal. They were standing on a bridge overlooking the water, when Luke told her, "Turn around. I have a surprise for you". Abi was so excited that she cried, "I don't want to turn around. Is it a ring? Is it a ring?" It wasn't until the ring was on her finger that she realized she hadn't even given him the chance to ask the words, "Will you marry me?" Ever since he did, it has been a whirlwind for us. We are so excited to celebrate our love this September!"


Take her hand
in the alley

We want to hear all about the wedding!

"We are excited to celebrate with our families and to have a huge party for all of our loved ones! We are looking forward to having 2 ceremonies to honor our individual cultural heritages coming together, including a traditional Christian ceremony and a Hindu ceremony with a classic flowered mandap. We are excited to have a gold colored theme to inspire the wedding reception, which will take place in a big ballroom with gold up-lighting. Abi is most excited to see Luke's reaction when he sees her in her white dress for the first time, as she walks down the aisle in the church. Luke is most excited for his first dance with Abi and to have a long night of dancing."

Where will this all take place?

"Parish of the Epiphany in Winchester MA and Westin Waltham Boston"

waiting for the kiss

Did you have fun on your session, give us the dirt...what did you really think about Christian?  :)

"It was great! We really enjoyed working with Christian and we feel like he brought out a photogenic and authentic side to our relationship in the time we were shooting with him."

Beacon Hill Engagement photography with Kate and Corey

Here is an engagement shoot from last week in Beacon Hill, with a lovely couple, Kate and Corey.  We walked from their apartment down to the famous Acorn St and to the Charles River to make some beautiful engagement images.  Here are a few sneak peeks along with a few words from the couple, about their story!


How did you two meet?

We met through mutual friends while on a trip to Cape Cod. The rest is history!

Tell us the proposal story~

We were moving into our Beacon Hill apartment the next day, so Corey asked Kate to meet her at the new place after work to check it out before moving in. He wanted their home to be special, and to celebrate the next adventure together by starting with a surprise engagement. It was perfect!

What details are you most excited about for your wedding?

We are most excited to just be married! We will have our closest family and friends together to celebrate with us. We are blessed with an incredible supportive group and this day will be so special with them there!

How was your overall session experience?

Our experience with Christian was wonderful! We are slightly camera shy, so he made us feel comfortable, and relaxed. He is professional and had great ideas for areas to set up for photos, but also allowed for our input. Lastly, he had some great jokes and made it fun evening to walk the city!

Tracy & Ra's Andover Country Club Wedding

Weddings are always so much fun for us, getting to shoot different cultures, traditions and personalities make each one so special and unique.  Although the tea ceremony started a little too early to shoot, we were able to shoot plenty of love and emotions on the day, not to mention Tracy's many outfit changes!

The details of this wedding were outstanding!  From the dresses, to the shoes and not to mention those droolworthly flowers!!!  The Andover Country Club was a gorgeous backdrop to these two saying the vows they wrote for each other.  Surrounded by lush greenery, and just the right amount of light shining through the clouds.  We didn't have to worry about squinting or harsh shadows, which can sometimes be a consideration in an outdoor wedding.

Seeing Ra watch his bride to be walk down the aisle to him was so powerful.  And her emotions during the vows were as well!  We have to admit, we always secretly wish for a bride and groom that cry!  Of course it makes for better pictures!


After the ceremony we jumped right into wedding party and family formal shots before Christian whisked the couple off to take some creatives!!!  While they were shooting away I was brainstorming for another place to shoot with a different look. 

We definitely lucked out that the location was as amazing as we hoped for!  The contrast of the abandoned train trellis and graffiti with the gorgeous couple was exactly what we envisioned!


Once we arrived at Pailin City Restaurant in Lowell, the perfection continued!  While the guests were served their multi course dinner, we were able to capture the dancing, games and heartfelt speeches!  It was such a fun day and we are so happy for the newlyweds!  Thank you again for trusting us with your day!

It was such a fun day and we are so happy for the newlyweds!  Thank you again for trusting us with your day!  Congratulations!

XOXO- Christian & Melissa

Sophia and Michael's beautiful wedding at the Lakeview Pavilion

I don't think we have worked with a more laid back and calm couple than Sophia and Michael.  From the minute we showed up to Michael, at his family home for getting ready shots, the vibe was so serene.  Even when they thought there may have been a scheduling error, his response was almost shockingly nonchalant.  And he was right, because it turned out to be an absolutely perfect day, including the weather which had forecasts of rain that never showed. 

Sophia was concentrating on not crying, promising her makeup artist she wouldn't wash off all of her hard work, with her tears of joy.   She looked stunning andagain, had this calm demeanor that was infectious.  I don't know that we have ever had a more relaxed wedding day! 

Watching these two getting ready to see each other in the church was so emotional and touching, they are obvious soul mates and we were blessed to document this amazing start to their new lives together!  Here is the day of slideshow we showed at the incredible Lakeview Pavilion during their reception, thank you to all of the amazing staff and other vendors we worked with on the day!


A sunny day with Zahra and Ahmed at Jelich Farms

I'va already had the pleasure of shooting with Zahra and Ahmed for our sunrise shoot in the North End of Boston.  We had an incredible time wandering around shooting on a rainy morning.  We always encourage our couples to make the engagement session their own,  Incorporating places they love or interests.  So we decided to do another shoot at Jelich Farms with a beautiful Arabian Horse and our even more beautiful couple.  Here are just a few sneak peek images from our engagement shoot.